I'm Gus and Emma Jane's full-time mom.
I'm also a user interface design consultant, the principal of Emma Jane Consulting. If you've got an interesting ui or usability project that might suit my skills and part-time schedule, I'd love to hear from you.

My resume (in pdf format) is available to download. Here are some highlights...

Previous Life

I designed user interfaces for Netscape from the fall of 96 till the spring of 99. I was involved in the design several different products including:

 * Compass Server 3.0
 * Directory Server 3.0
 * Certificate Server 1.0

In the past few years, I've also worked as user interface designer for Apple Computer working on The Apple Dylan Development Environment, and before that, I was Interleaf's first user interface designer, working on Interleaf 5 for the Mac. Sadly, neither of these great products ever shipped.

I graduated from the Department of Architecture at MIT in 1990 with a BS in Architectural Design and a minor in Visual Design.


The Apple Web Design Guide
Lori Kaplan, Paige K. Parsons, and Cordell Ratzlaff. Apple Computer, Inc. First published August 1995

"Discovering the Way Programmers Think About New Programming Environments"
Joseph Dumas and Paige Parsons. Communications of the ACM, June 1995

"Guidelines for Writing Effective Alerts"
Paige K. Parsons. Develop Magazine, November, 1995.


"Inline Tree Filters"
Issued January, 2002

"Link Filters"
Issued August, 2000

"Method and system for creating dynamic link views"
Issued February, 2000

"Aspect and style elements of an improved graphical user interface"
Issued December 21, 1999

"Status indicators of an improved graphical user interface"
issued July 1, 1997
Two additional patents pending.

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